Winner of Sundri Lifetime Sindhyat Award - Anila Sunder

A Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Mumbai University landed Anila into a career as a lecturer in Jai-Hind college, Mumbai. Clinical Psychology includes the study and application of psychology for the purpose of understanding, emotion, behaviour, inter-personal relationships and promoting subjective wellbeing and personal development. Little did she realize that the dance form would entice her to an extent of acquiring all this and more. “ I wish to bring joy to millions of people with my dance. ” - became her vision & ambition in life. Rightly born with dancing feet, she has had a long and successful career as a Kathak exponent.

The only dancer hailing from the Sindhi community, Anila Sunder has dedicated her life to the revival of Sindhi Art & Culture. She has composed and choreographed thematic ballets and dance dramas encompassing the community culture, festivals, faiths & beliefs, customs & traditions and promoted the cause of Sindhi language.

Her Directorial Ventures:

1] Sikka Sajan Jee - Heroines of Shah Abdul Latif
2] Sindhyat Jee Surhaan - Festivals of Sindhis
3] Theeu Na Juda Jani Mukhaan - Life of a sindhwarki businessman
4] Sindhu - Indus Valley Civilization
5] Sindh Muhinjee Amaa - Partition of India
6] Sindhu Dhaara - History of Sindh
7] Geet Govind - Hindi translation of Geet Govind
8] Selected poems of T. L. Vaswani & J. P. Vaswani
9] Jaag Sindhi Jaag – A Sindhi girl in search of her identity who discovers it in the land of her roots... India
10] Zaal…Kadenh Zer, Kadenh Zabar ! - Different facets of a life of a woman ; supported by National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language, ministry of H.R.D - Govt of India.

These ballets have been staged in more than 60 cities in India and abroad starting from the smallest ones like Faizabad, Raipur, Kolhapur, Amravati, Badmed, Bairagad, Agra, Ulhasnagar, Ahmednagar, Leh-Ladakh, etc… to mini-metros & metros like Simla, Kurukshetra, Chandigarh, Patiala, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta & Bangalore. She has danced her way across seven seas in Japan, West Africa, Scandinavian Countries, United Kingdom, Dubai, Hongkong, Indonesia, United States of America, Sindh (Pakistan), etc…She has conducted workshops too in many of these cities and introduced ‘New Kids On The Block’ on the Sindhi platform. Some of her prestigious performances & memorable experiences have been at ‘Sindhu Darshan’ festival, Leh-Ladakh and International Sindhi Samellan at Orlando & Chicago (USA).

She has performed for the Television medium and faced Sindhi films too.'Her stances have a natural sophistication and elite look' is what the Style Gurus say.

Anila has served the cause of Sindhi Art & Culture through her dance ballets which will be remembered for generations to come & will make them aware of their rich cultural identity. Anila aspires to experiment with newer themes and perform her creations at many newer parts of the world. She also trains young enthusiastic dancers to keep this form of art alive.

A gifted danseuse, Anila’s devotion to her art is supreme.

"I m obsessed with dance
In fact, it is a magnificent obsession with me.
I wish to bring joy to millions of people with my dance. That's my ambition"

... says Anila in conclusion. No wonder, the lady who knew the logic of the psyche danced her way to peoples’ hearts !

Contact Details
Address : 113, Mehr-Naz, Behind Vivanta Taj-President hotel, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400 005.
Cell No: +91 9892461698
Web page:


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